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Students enter a P-TECH school in grade 9, may begin college courses as early as grade 10, and gradually work their way through the attainment of an industry-recognized associate degree. Graduation can occur in grade 14 (the sixth year of the program) or earlier, depending on the student.

P-TECH students must complete all required high school and college courses, along with their prerequisites.

While all students move through the same sequence of courses, the timing of their progression through the course sequence varies. Students who meet the proficiency benchmarks for taking a college course sooner could move through the program at an accelerated pace and finish in less time, while students who need more time to meet the benchmarks will receive additional instruction to master the necessary prerequisite concepts.
New Brunswick P-TECH has no prerequisites or testing for admission and is committed to graduate all students within six years with an industry-recognized associate degree. The curriculum is designed for helping all students develop the skills and knowledge they need to graduate high school and earn an associate degree — regardless of their level on entering the program.