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We are excited to share with you a powerful new opportunity!
New Brunswick Public Schools is recruiting current eighth-graders to be part of the New Brunswick Pathways in Technology Early High School (P-TECH) for the 2019-2020 school year.

What is P-TECH?
The P-TECH (Pathway in Technology Early College High School) program spans between grades 9-14 and brings together the high school, college, and businesses to create a clear pathway for our students from high school to college to a career. Students enrolled in the program will earn a high school diploma, a “free” Associate’s degree from Middlesex County College, and gain relevant work experience with our business partners.  Enrolled students have a choice to complete these requirements within four to six years.
New Brunswick P-TECH students will explore career options while taking college engineering courses and will earn a free Associate’s Degree in fields such as Mechanical Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology, among others.

Is your child motivated to learn in a new and exciting way?
Imagine a program where students earn a high school diploma, a FREE Associate’s Degree and gain workplace opportunities with companies. New Brunswick P-TECH students will acquire strong skills in communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and engaged in their own learning, their environment and the world in which they live.

How can we learn more about the New Brunswick P-TECH program?
Our district has outlined a series of Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at 732-745-5300, ext. 5493 or 5489!

P-TECH Frequently Asked Questions
Can students enrolled in New Brunswick P-TECH play sports?
Yes! New Brunswick P-TECH students will play sports with New Brunswick High School students. Transportation for P-TECH student-athletes will be provided from New Brunswick P-TECH to New Brunswick High School for athletics. 
Can New Brunswick P-TECH students be a part of Rutgers Future Scholars?
Once the student is accepted into New Brunswick P-TECH, he or she will have to make a choice as to which program they wish to commit to.
Can New Brunswick P-TECH students be a part of Upward Bound?
Once the student is accepted into New Brunswick P-TECH, he or she will have to make a choice as to which program they wish to commit to.
Is AVID available at New Brunswick P-TECH?
AVID strategies will be infused into the New Brunswick P-TECH program.
Will my grades be reviewed if I apply for New Brunswick P-TECH?
No, applicants will be selected through a lottery.
If my parents do not attend an information session, will I still be eligible to apply for the P-TECH program?
Will teachers be college professors or high school teachers?
Classes will be taught by a combination of high school teachers and college instructors.
What are the requirements to apply to New Brunswick P-TECH?
There are no requirements to apply to New Brunswick P-TECH.
How will the 40 students be selected?
Once the application window closes, the District will conduct a lottery during the first week in April.
Will the New Brunswick P-TECH program be partnered with NJIT?
Yes, students that complete the P-TECH program can enroll as Juniors with NJIT.
Do you have to remain a resident of New Brunswick to be enrolled in New Brunswick P-TECH?
A. Yes
How are parents involved?
Parents are expected to understand student will be in the program for 4,5 or 6 years, provide support for students and also the program. Parent’s role is vital
Will students still have testing?
Yes, any high school testing requirements will have to be fulfilled
Students applying should be considering STEM and engineering careers?
Yes students interested in Engineering
How do you graduate in 4, 5 or 6 years?
We created three different tracks. It depends on what high school prerequisites students have completed when they start the program
If the school starts on July 1st, when does it end?
Students attend school year-round just like in college
If the student is not selected this year, can he apply next year again?
Right now we are only planning for this year. This is a program for current 8th graders.
Do students that don’t attend NBPS get to apply?
Yes, any student that is a resident of New Brunswick can apply to New Brunswick P-TECH.
How do students decide which degree to complete?
Students will be given exposure to both so they can make an informed decision
At the end of the program, what educational programs will be available?
We have been communicating with NJIT who would accept students as juniors. Will also be discussing with Rutgers and Rowan Universities
How will students be informed about P-TECH and STEM early on?
Our Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction is working on infusing STEM learning and careers For students through curriculum, after school programs, etc.
How does the mentoring work?
In P-TECH models, there are specific days for companies to come in and train the students on soft skills so that they are workplace ready. Students will also have days they will get to visit the companies.